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Impactful change through artful participatory experiences

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Occupied Spaces is a pioneering force in crafting bespoke experiences that transcend the ordinary. Based in Meanjin, Brisbane and operating all over Queensland, Occupies Spaces specialises in the curation of transformative event activations that linger in the memory of your community and audiences long after they leave. We are not merely experience designers; we are architects of emotion, orchestrating encounters that resonate deeply with participants.

Our ethos is based around the belief that well-designed experiences have the power to provoke profound shifts in feelings, beliefs, and actions. By seamlessly blending multi-arts practice with community engagement, we produce immersive site-specific art experiences that invite audiences to co-create narratives within their surroundings.

Occupied Spaces Production Shots The Story Bank 2022
Occupied Spaces Production Shots The Story Bank 2022
Occupied Spaces Production Shots The Story Bank 2022



We cultivate connection through vibrant and intimate community projects. It is important that we respect those who have occupied the space before us, in every context within which we operate. We value authentic relationships, understand the importance of local stories, and champion exceptional creatives to develop and create work on their home turf. We listen. We facilitate. We support.


At Occupied Spaces, the foundation of our work is in creating socially impactful experiences. We work in partnership with local individuals and organisations to engage, amplify, support, and realise their goals. Our aim is to create tailored, meaningful and enriching experiences for the social, professional and economical benefit of the community. Each project is beautifully unique.


At the heart of each Occupied Spaces project is an invitation for participation, expansion, and adventure. We use interactive community-driven performance, audio, and visual art to engage with audience members and allow for a free exchange of ideas. We aim to inspire and create new perspectives, challenging people’s understanding of the norm while delving into the new and now.

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“Every person has an inborn worth and can contribute meaningfully to the human community.”

- Mark Twain

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